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Understanding Prelanders and Their Different Types


In the era of digitalization, every form you fill out or any question you answer on the web could be used as a lead. Almost all of us are well aware of affiliate marketing. It’s one of the easiest and most innovative methods of earning money.

There are many influencers and digital creators who are working in this field. This online marketing technique boosts sales for the product owner while giving you, the affiliate, a chance to make money. Prelanders are one of the biggest aspects of affiliate marketing. If you are seeking deep knowledge about the topic, then give it a read till the end.

What Are PreLanders?

Prelanders are the best example of the mixture of an advertising campaign and a landing page. It’s not an actual landing page containing no explicit advertising or call to action. Instead, prelanders are designed to warm up the customers/buyers. It’s a form of the conversion funnel that contributes to lead generation.

For instance, if you see any advertisement on any web page. When you click on the link, the pop-up page you get redirected to is pre-lander. It is designed to give explicit information about the product they clicked the association of.

A page needs to have these fundamental qualities to be checked as a pre-lander:

Why do we need pre-lander?

Once you know prelanders, let’s understand why pre-lander are important.

The Key Difference Between a Landing Page and a Pre-Lander

Prelanders and landing pages are equally critical to the success of your website. For your website to succeed, both prelanders and landing pages are essential. Landing pages are frequently employed to turn website visitors into leads and customers. In addition, leads from email marketing campaigns, surveys, or other types of marketing are frequently collected using prelanders.

Prelanders often have more features, while landing pages typically have fewer features and calls to action. For instance, a pre-lander can include multiple call-to-action buttons. In contrast, a standard landing page contains occasional product photographs and visuals. In addition, prelanders typically contain additional information about the supplied product or service and are longer than landing pages.

Prelanders may include a call to action targeted to a specific audience. A request that the visitor fills out a form to receive more information about the commodity or service. The visitor may not necessarily be required to submit a form to respond to a call to action on a landing page. Instead, it can instruct them to carry out a similar action to that described on the landing page. Just providing the visitor’s contact information or email address in exchange for a free sample is all that the website may ask of them.

Types of pre-landing pages for different verticals

There aren’t many options when it comes to types of pre-lander pages. However, creating an out-of-the-box pre-landing page is up to you. It is one of the ways to optimize your sales funnel that converts loyal customers. However, here are some common types of such pages:


These pages are made for glorifying gameplay. It helps the e-gaming platforms and their gadgets to promote themselves. It is technically all about gaming graphics, game sets, controllers, etc.

For instance: If you ever see a pre-lander page full of colorful screenshots and promotional templates related to video games or virtual games. Along with some promotional writing (related to branding). It is a single pre-lander page related to any gaming website or tool kit. You will most probably find clicks like “Play,” “Download Now,” or “Buy Now.”

Goods verticals

These types of pre-landing pages are made to create brand/product awareness. It could be in the form of the success story of any product, client reviews, positive comments, etc. Creators have been creative, and now you can also see social media buttons linked to such pages. Technically speaking, it is a form of marketing through storytelling.

These pre-landing pages are nothing less than informative articles about some (brand’s) websites. These pre-landing pages are pretty helpful for customer engagement and lead generation. The buttons on the page encourage users to visit the manufacturer’s or supplier’s official website to place a purchase.


These types of pre-landing pages promote online money-making, also known as e-casinos. These are also a form of virtual gaming, but players buy their real money while playing. The prizes/rewards are also in the same form and can be converted into real currencies.

Such pre-landing pages are designed as online games. Once anyone registers, they get a welcome bonus. The scheme could differ on different platforms, but the goal is the same. Once you have a regular player, you can convert it into a lead.


If you have seen some before and after pictures as a testimonial of any product or brand on the pre-landing page, it’s a natural page. It majorly contains before/after photos, some client comments, and content related to product awareness, followed by doctors’ consultations.

It is the same as good vertical pre-landing pages. These are to create brand awareness in the market. This is why these pre-landers are mostly in articles or clients’ diaries. These stories are mostly related to general people and their life problems. This way, consumers get to connect to the product/brand more.


The sole purpose of this pre-landing page is to convert visitors or potential customers into leads. These pages are based on the psychology of telling people that there’s no loss by filling up some forms. In fact, in return, they will get some prizes. These forms could be surveys or “answer a question to win” links.

Such pre-landing pages often pop up in the form of questionnaires. The pre-landing page button directs users to the landing page from such questions. Sweepstakes’ famous technique is the “spinning wheel” to win exciting prizes. Which is loved by most people as there is no harm in doing a fun activity.

Performance Boosters

One of the widely used and seen pre-landers is performance boosters. We all have seen some “cleaners.” Per their claim, they are supposed to make your system work better by cleaning up junk. We all have seen these pop-ups where you might have seen warnings like: “Your machine is working too slowly.”

Some attempt to appear more technical and polished. It typically provides a few steps and identifies your device, for example, to give it more credibility. But, again, the goal is to prospects further down the sales funnel to generate more leads and sales.


Another significant development in the history of computers and other electronics. They have long been heavily marketed through affiliate marketing. These techniques are remarkably comparable to performance boosters and sweeps. The alarm is usually followed by some beautiful features the software can offer you in these landers.

On the other hand, the objective of more aggressive advertising is to frighten the customer into wanting to purchase the antivirus. Otherwise, something extremely horrible could happen. After identifying your device, they’ll offer you a warning with a countdown.

Pros and Cons

A complete understanding of the topic will only be after knowing its pros and cons. Therefore in this section of the article, we are compiling some pros and cons related to pre-lander.

Pros of pre-landers:

Cons of pre-landers:

Are Pre-Landers Useful?

Pre-landers are excellent tools that can assist you in increasing conversions and pinpointing areas that need development. Pre-lander use is advised as a result. Pre-landers should be used whenever possible.

Not all advertisers, particularly those paying for advertising, can employ pre-landers. These limitations were implemented because some affiliates cheated by deceiving customers to increase conversion rates. It optimizes your marketing campaign to increase your conversion rate.

Even if this is regrettable, it is best to be vigilant and ensure that any ads you engage with accept pre-landers. In addition, make sure your pre-lander also uses high-quality components rather than dubious strategies.

How Can Pre-Landers Be Optimized?

Pre Landers require a few specific components to function correctly. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’ll need to optimize these elements further to maximize your pre-lander. Here are some suggestions to enhance your pages and get more from them.

Variations should be made and tested:

Testing and experimenting with new ideas are critical components of affiliate marketing. If you are looking for advancement, then experiment and improve constantly. Make several iterations of your pre-landers and test them one at a time. Use the information you learn from testing to improve each page. Create new varieties once you’ve gotten the most out of your current ones. Continue this until you discover a fantastic version that is profitable. Even then, though, keep making new ones.

Organize your creative efforts:

Due to the digital era, it is simple to share photographs. Apply this reasoning to your pre-landers. Showing the audience instead of explaining everything will be much more effective. Make eye-catching visuals that draw users in or graphically elucidate concepts. Display your goods or the lifestyle it enables people to live. Your creatives should be modified based on your target demographic and the tone you want to convey.

Justify and keep it short:

Making everything simple is a standard error among beginners. Its straightforward pre-lander transforms into a monster mashup of different lenders, sale pages, advertisements, etc. It is ineffective, will make others angry, and will need you to put in a lot of effort for nothing. Stay within the product you are promoting; keep your information pertinent. Overall optimize your content marketing strategy to boost the ROI.

Focus on UI:

Any website should consider user inferences. This implies that you should spend some time and effort making a pre-lander. Your pre-landers should be clear to read and simple to navigate. The main goal is to sell the following product to the users.

Loading speed:

Quick loading is required from your pre-landers. The less time the page will take to load and appear, the lower your audience’s bounce rate. Also, make sure your pre-landing pages are mobile-friendly and optimized. It will help search engines rank your page.


They must be widely dispersed and simple to click. Even better if your consumer purchases your product before it hits the record label. Make sure to test out the different options to see how your audience reacts. Therefore make sure your pre-lander includes a compelling and targeted call to action.

The Final Thought

In the digital marketing era, you do not want to lag anywhere to promote your business/brand. A suitable form of marketing can help any business with its ROI. Affiliate marketing is indeed a crucial step in digital marketing. It also helps maximize the conversions generated by your marketing campaigns. Pre-lander is a prominent part of affiliate marketing. Therefore hope through this article, you learned everything about pre-lander and its types.


How to find a good pre-lander?

One can select from the pre-made landers or pre-landers provided by a partner or copy and change another person’s pre-lander. Users encountering different advertisements will receive the exact offers because such pages are not unique.

Here are a few more suggestions for those who will start working on their first pre-landers.

What should I do if my pre-land doesn’t function properly?

Pre-landing pages don’t significantly boost conversion rates. However, here are some tips to assist you in improving the efficiency of your pre-lander.

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