When it comes to affiliate marketing, performance is everything, and using a pre-lander can help you maximize your conversion rate to determine overall growth. Any digital marketing strategy must include the creation of engaging landing pages with high conversion rates. To generate sales, your page must convert visitors otherwise, there won’t be enough traffic. Create a perfect pre-lander for your brand/product, we are compiling all the necessary tips for a perfect pre-lander page.

What is a Pre-lander?

Affiliate marketing is one of the methods of promoting the growth of any brand/business in today’s market. Just like some businesses think, automating your email marketing funnel can help them with several leads. Same way pre-lander works effectively and helps to form a service pipeline. For instance, you can create a coming soon landing page for your upcoming product as a template to create awareness about the following in the market.

The following page will be effective to generate leads. Multiple companies use landing pages to create awareness regarding their upcoming products, launches, etc. Therefore in simple terms a pre-launch landing page, also known as a coming soon landing page, can be an effective marketing tool for your website. Businesses optimize their ecommerce conversion funnel to increase their ROI which only can happen if they can successfully convert their leads. Hence, landing pages do play an important role in that.

Remember too many options won’t prompt visitors to feel the urge, thus the page should be straightforward and just offer one action for people to take. So technically speaking pre-lander is also a form of digital advertisement and this is only effective when you will optimize it. Which in return will benefit ROI.

Give users a countdown timer or other information design elements to let them know when the whole site will appear. The users show a lot of interest in this.

What are the requirements for pre-landers?

So far you read the definition of pre-landers and might have understood its importance in the world of marketing too. But to make a perfect pre-landing page as a creator you need to meet some measures. Notwithstanding the deal, you are marketing or the action you want, there are key things that all pre-landers should include. In the end, the goal was lead generation in marketing. Therefore follow these points and this will help you to gain your audience’s attention. Read about it all in detail under this section.


Your landing page should, first and foremost, contain a unique call to action. The call-to-action for each stage of your funnel should be crystal clear and direct, outlining what your visitors must do. You will be able to direct your customer in this manner and ensure that they understand each step along the road. A strong call-to-action helps to engage and convert your website visitors. Your call to action should be relevant to your target audience. Marketers believe personalization makes customers feel more connected to the brand/business. Hence also drive user engagement on social media and other social platforms on the internet.

Clear Organization

You must carefully organize your page if you want it to look presentable. Keep in mind that structure and your Calls-to-Action go hand in hand. The greatest structures will lead clients through the entire process without their knowledge.

Your funnel ought to resemble a book. Its imaginative writing and ingenuity ought to enthrall viewers. Much like the chapters of a captivating book, every step should have the ability to capture clients’ attention. Once you have this perspective on your funnel, you can begin to analytically assess it from the perspective of your visitors. With the right prospects further down the sales funnel to generate more qualified leads which are good for any revenue and business.

Good Design

Creative writing and creative designing are the two main components of every website page. If a visitor to your page has no intention of reading your material. There is a good chance that they will do so swiftly. This is why you need to be meticulous when developing your landing page.

In a technical sense, you’re attempting to persuade your consumer to pay for your tool or product. This is why it’s crucial to build credibility. Thus, your design should be polished and uncluttered with few distractions.

Rapid Loading

Your page’s bounce rate will decrease as it loads more quickly. So, each website’s loading time is crucial. According to Google’s statistics, bounce rates rise by more than 100% for websites that take longer than 6 seconds to load. This implies that the length of time a potential buyer spends on your page is strongly related to page load time.

Body/Main Content

The body text of your pre-lander should support and elaborate on the headline. By using a pre-lander, the most interested individuals will first read the headline before clicking the CTA. But that doesn’t mean the main context of your pre-lander will be ignored. Optimizing content marketing to drive visitors’ attention is important.  When your content is precise and clear it attracts the attention of potential customers. The body content conveys the message while the headline grabs readers’ attention.

Framework For High-converting Landing Page

A high-converting landing page is another aspect to keep under consideration to gain customers/visitors. Under this section of the following article, we are compiling some of the important features. Anyone who wants to make their landing page more effective can follow. Here are some landing page best practices we have listed for you:

Simple And Effective Heading

The first thing a visitor will read or see when they land on your page will be your heading. So, it is really important and determines whether they stay on your page. The essential point should be conveyed in your heading. Make it compelling while considering your potential or target audience.

Consider that you have little more than 8 to 10 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Your visitors learn about the offer and your message through the headlines. The ideal keywords establish the mood, direct the user, and draw interest.

A greater instinctive understanding of the words to stress in your work is crucial. For the same goal, there are several tools available on the market that may assist anyone with the process.

Search engine rankings are the most important thing. Researching SEO keywords is crucial for this process. Tools are required for this to be possible. It will aid the author/creator in finding relevant keywords and conducting keyword research. Keywords with high volume and keyword density will mean an increase in organic search visits with keywords. Therefore it will help your page to rank better in the search engine’s algorithm which will help your page with its visibility.

Simple Language And Concise Explanations

Using a complex literary style will not earn you brownie points. Your language should be simple and clear for your message to be understood. Your landing page’s visitor must be able to quickly scan the content and understand the key points.

To help you improve your content marketing to generate more leads in the digital channels, there are multiple tools.

In the same vein, here are some of the things to avoid some of these things. They may detract from the landing page’s primary objective and present the reader with too many options for distraction.

  • Avoid using navigational links.
  • Exclude additional advertising
  • One potent CTA should be more than sufficient.

Proper Keywords Are Crucial

The ideal keywords establish the mood, direct the user, and draw interest. A greater instinctive understanding of the words to stress in your work is crucial. For the same goal, there are several tools available on the market that may assist anyone with the process.

Search engine rankings are the most important thing. Researching SEO keywords is crucial for this process. Tools are required for this to be possible. It will aid the author in finding relevant keywords and conducting keyword research. Therefore it will help your page to rank better in the search engine’s algorithm which will help your page with its visibility.

Maintain Your Brand Identity

Your campaign’s page should reflect your brand’s style. This is what small to big e-commerce businesses focus on because of extreme competition in their market. Because of this, it’s crucial to keep the overall look consistent so that your customer makes the appropriate associations.

The following brand rules should be applied consistently throughout all outgoing communications, including all colors, typefaces, design elements, and styles.

Optimize Landing Page for Mobile

According to statistics, in 2021, mobile devices accounted for more than 70% of visitors to retail websites. Nowadays, practically everyone has a mobile phone on them. Every firm is interested in mobile pre-lander because they have greater potential than just desktop pre-lander. Also for any conversion, your landing page needs to be optimized properly. Then only there will be chances of visitors coming and any lead generation. Remember the rate of your optimization is directly proportional to lends followed by conversion and an increase in ROI.

Tips To Create Effective Landing Pages

Since you learned about the various variables that support pre-lander pages. We are introducing you to some strategies for building successful landing pages in this section of the article. These suggestions will work well to boost consumer engagement and conversion. This will further help to evaluate the conversion rate increase.

Audience interaction:

In today’s industry, it’s critical to have accurate knowledge about your target market. It covers everything, from their search terms to their interests. For instance, you need to know which age group will comprise the majority of your clients when running a B2C business. If persons over 30 are your target market, it is crucial to understand what interests them. This contributes to the creation of a report on the potential undervaluation of your goods.

Your target market is determined by the characteristics of your product, and different audiences react differently to communications. Your sales copy may need to be more or less formal depending on the audience’s age and occupation.

Competitor analysis:

The reputation of any company is significantly influenced by reviews. Before making a purchase, more than 90% of B2B consumers read reviews and carry out various kinds of research. Reviews are therefore an essential component of effective landing sites. This helps to maximize user experience to increase effectiveness. The issue is that they are inherently less reliable because they exist on your website and not on a platform operated by a third party.

Reviews that appear on the landing page ought to be tailored. This entails including a picture of the reviewer and information about their job. Conversion rates can be raised by mentioning the client’s business and including their logo on the page. You can request video testimonials from your clientele. These might be more difficult to obtain than written reviews, but they will increase credibility.

Display testimonials/client diaries:

The majority of visitors to your landing page won’t make an immediate purchase. They’ll likely want to do some study on the rivals so they can see what’s available and decide with knowledge.

Prior to that, you want to promote your service and position it favorably. Think of including a table comparing the landing page’s competitors. It won’t hurt to mention your competitors because the leads will search them up anyhow. This can be used to tell a story about your rivals while highlighting the benefits of your product.

The Final Thought:

A Pre-lander can help consumers get ready and ultimately increase your conversions, even though some affiliates misuse them. The target audience’s questions and worries should be completely cleared up on the pre-landing page. The goal is to create a landing page that converts visitors into leads. When a person accesses the landing page, they are already prepared to become a lead. Hope through the article you answer all the necessary questions.


What element of a landing page is crucial?

There is a list of things that are required to design a good landing page. Under the above article, we have listed those categories but among all of them, CTA is the most important. To make a successful landing page value proposition is needed. This gives you the space to convey your message clearly and briefly.

What qualities make a landing page effective?

Here are some of the component that makes a landing make effective, these are:

Catchy headline:  Your heading is the first impression of the message you want to convey to your visitors through pre-landing. This should contain clarity, relevancy, and empathy.

Engaging media:  Your pre-landing page should have these forms of media under it. Images, videos, and Gifs. This will help you to convey the message to the visitors more effectively. If some of them are not into reading then through these forms of media. Your message will be conveyed in less time.

Trust indicators: You must earn the trust of your customers if you are in a customer-facing company. You will be able to communicate your offerings and messages in this manner so that your clients will be able to trust your brand. This is crucial for the structure of your post-click landing page. These are some fundamental guidelines you should adhere to create a reliable landing page landing frame.

  • Statistical evidence
  • Trust badges
  • Customer testimonials
  • Third-party seals
  • Privacy policy

Once you follow all these following points, you have successfully built a trusted factor for your business.

Lead capture form: The two-step opt-in is another approach to creating lead capture forms. Using this method, you can make the page simpler by getting rid of the form and adding only a CTA button. Visitors who click that button will see the form appear in a pop-up box. This kind of step-by-step division helps lessen some of the existing intimidation.

Strong call-to-action: This component of the post-click landing page ought to be more noticeable than the others. It should be clear to prospects where to click to take advantage of your offer. Further, if you have read the above article then you might already know the importance of having a strong  CTA.